Two Model Addiction Treatment
Goals Detoxification and restoration office to tranquilize addicts. Limiting the danger of backslide and re-combination of the recuperating addicts in the general public. Recovery and professional preparing to the detoxified addicts. Empowering the addicts to be confidence. Be the important pieces of the cultural apparatus. Treatment Methodology Enlistment Procedure Following advances will be followed:- Sober living near you Individual appearance at close to MATRC with a relative. Accessibility of CNIC and Photo. Filling of starting subtlety. Giving of enlistment token. Following standard tests will be finished:- Blood CP with ESR. Serum urea creatinine. X-beam chest with Report. Pee R/E. HBs. Ag and Anti HCV. Note: if there should be an occurrence of known TB, Cardiac issue, HBs, Ag, Physical Disability, extreme careful issue and patients with maniacal (Schizophrenia, significant sorrow, self-destructive propensities and intellectually impeded) are not suggested for confirmation. They are alluded to different clinics (PIMS or BBH, Rawalpindi) Following are the necessities for confirmation:- Call on the number gave at the hour of enlistment. Individual appearance with a relative. Checking of the necessary Lab tests. Photograph meeting. Introductory evaluation. Informed assent endorsed by, patient, family, obligation staff part lastly the Project Manager. According to segment 52 and 53 of CNSA Act 1997 the obligation regarding the enrollment and restoration of medication addicts falls inside the domain of the Provincial Government. Anyway to give quality treatment and meet the developing inadequacy of treatment offices the Anti Narcotics power, has attempted the accompanying measures:- Setting up of Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers: Islamabad, Quetta and Karachi. and Rehabilitation Centers were set up at Islamabad and Quetta. The ventures began in July 2004. Both were 20 had relations with focuses giving free treatment, food, boarding and recovery to sedate addicts. Endeavors were likewise made for their work situation. In July 2007 the focuses were moved up to 45 beds. Third Model Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation Center " Benazir Shaheed ANF Hospital" has been set up on May 2010 at Karachi. It is a 60 had relations with medical clinic. Vision, Mission and Objectives Vision Tranquilizes free Society through Advocacy, Primary Prevention and Best Practices in Treatment and Rehabilitation. Mission Guarantee most ideal help straightforwardly and by implication to decrease the medications Demand and offering proficient help in keeping up with the recuperation cycle to forestall the common backslide, guaranteeing decrease of supply.  


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