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Ebuyer is hiring a ‘gaming guru' who will be paid to play games at home and test the latest gaming chairs. Are you a keen gamer who enjoys relaxing and playing games? So, today's your lucky day. 8 hours 27 minutes of gaming per week1 Imagine getting paid to play more! Play Live What Ebuyer is offering one lucky candidate. Ebuyer has created a new ‘gaming guru' job role where one lucky person will be paid to evaluate gaming chairs and play games from home. The winning candidate will earn £500 and get to test and keep the latest high-end gaming seats. The Gaming Guru post is online now and Ebuyer is taking applications through June 26th. The new gaming guru has been hired, according to Ebuyer's E-Commerce Director, Andy Roberts. The remote position will involve testing our newest gaming chairs and games for PC, Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation. With many of us still in lockdown, the job is ideal for nighttime entertainment. Gamers will never get another chance like this.” <h3>Enter to win a Game Day Guru prize at Ebuyer.</h3> In addition to Game Pass and Live Gold, Xbox customers can get Game Pass Ultimate, a combination of the two. Access a unique game database with Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox Game Pass membership can extend the Xbox Live Gold subscription, which is required for multiplayer games. For a single cost, gamers can download and play over 350 games. During the membership period, you can download and play as many games as you wish. You can also buy games at discounted prices. Unlike Sony's streaming method, you may install and play directly from your console, removing the risk of losing your internet connection. <h3>XBOX LIVE GOLD KEY POINTS</h3> Start your system and log into your Xbox Live account to get updates on new games and discounts. Pay for and activate an Xbox Live Gold subscription to enjoy the multiplayer experience and get great deals on the hottest titles. Xbox Live Gold has: free access to popular games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms with Games with Gold, the ability to use Deals with Gold to get great deals on games, the ability to play in multiplayer mode with friends or strangers from all around the world, access to other players via groups and chats. The ability to “share” your account with other roommates, family members, and siblings on one Xbox One console. <h3>ADVANTAGES OF XBOX LIVE GOLD</h3> Everyone can buy games and entertainment through the Microsoft Store. These deals are marked down. Some games are free. The most popular subscription for multiplayer games. You may buy or download over 100 high-quality games for cheap or for free. <h3>MULTIPLAYER XBOX LIVE GOLD</h3> Single-player and multiplayer are the most popular gameplay models on consoles, computers, and other devices. Most games are played online. It might be local or even split-screen. <h3>XBOX LIVE GOLD &amp; GAME PLAN</h3> They grant access to the aforementioned infrastructure, allowing for enhanced multiplayer gaming, communication, game streaming, and special deals on Microsoft Store games and entertainment. Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate membership is required for multiplayer. Only this way will you have access to the Microsoft network infrastructure, allowing you to follow other players worldwide and play online multiplayer games. To connect to an Xbox players network, all you need is a free Xbox Live account. Upgrade it to Xbox Live Gold to play multiplayer with players worldwide. While connected to your player profile, you can use a friend's Xbox Live Gold account. Source : <a href="">Play Live</a>


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