The Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria
  The National Universities Commission (NUC) Board of Vice-Chancellors of Nigerian Universities College Associations Capability specialists Best Universities in Nigeria All things considered, we should find exhaustively the best 10 best colleges in Nigeria. These colleges are additionally among the most famous colleges in Nigeria. 1. College of Ibadan The University of Ibadan (UI) is the main best college among the best ten best colleges in Nigeria. This is to say that UI is at present the best college in Nigeria. The National Universities Commission (NUC) recorded the University of Ibadan as the best Federal University in the country. It was likewise included in the Reuters Top 100 in their most recent 2020 rankings of world colleges. UI is a brilliant scholarly establishment established in 1947. It was once partnered with the University of London and ran Arts, Science, and Medicine courses. Because of the school's exclusive requirements, it has been appraised among the best 10 best colleges in Nigeria. The school, which is completely licensed, offers diverse scholarly projects. It has 14 resources which include: Staff of Arts Staff of Agriculture Staff of Basic Medical Sciences Staff of Clinical Sciences Staff of Science Staff of Social Sciences Staff of Education Staff of Veterinary Medicine Staff of Pharmacy Staff of Technology Staff of Law Staff of Public Health Staff of Dentistry The establishment began full activity in June 2002 subsequent to getting permit endorsement from the Federal Government to work as a free private element. Being one of the best 10 best colleges in Nigeria, Covenant University was set up on the guiding principle of Spirituality, Capacity Building, Positive Mentality, Integrity, Diligence and Sacrifice. 6. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria The Northern piece of Nigeria isn't forgotten about in the scholarly mission. Ahmadu Bello University has consistently arisen to address this district as one of Nigeria's main 10 best colleges. ABU was set up in 1962 after the Asby Commission recommended a higher learning organization be set up in the North of Nigeria. The college was named after Sir Ahmadu Bello, who was the then Premier of Northern Nigeria.  


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